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Films. Short ones. 

Reeling Films & Media is committed to creating beautiful products without all the fluffy bullshit. Graphic moving images that evoke emotional reactions in a short amount of time.


The Media Content your brand needs, without the wait.

We create short, professional videos and get them onto your device, ready to upload, fast

Wedding Film Artist


Loosely based in Brooklyn New York, Reeling Films & Media shoots real super 8 film 🎥 and digital footage and then edits until everyone and everything look cool AF.

Instagram packages start at $500. Contact us today.

We specialize in bespoke, creative films that redefine contemporary media. Behind the scenes at Paris Fashion week, in front of a spinning motorcycle tire, and highlighting-- is anybody still paying attention? No of course not because it's not video. Boom 💥  Case closed.

Shawn Connell stalking



Work Experience

Levi's, Club Monaco, Harley Davidson, Marimekko, Ellery, Deus Motorcycles, Art+Method, Eleven Six, Beard Season, Belle Vie Farm and Kitchen




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Write directly to info (at) or use the contact form below.

Shawn Connell stalking